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ST-130 material is engineered and tested specifically for sacrificial tooling.

Key ST-130 Features

Create hollow composites faster and easier with temporary lay-up tools made from ST-130 material. ST-130 withstands autoclave operations and simplifies hollow composite construction by dissolving after cure, leaving only the finished part.

  • Build complex structures quickly.
  • Dissolvable core works effectively with complicated builds.
  • Ideal for the automotive, aerospace and sporting goods industries.
  • Exceptional heat deflection and tensile strength properties.
Spec Sheet

Characteristics of ST-130

Unlike current means for producing consumable tooling with additive manufacturing, the ability of ST-130 to withstand high temperatures and pressures facilitates the ability to produce composites with intensive curing processes. In combination with the ST-130 Support Material, this solution brings unparalleled efficiency and accuracy to the creation of composites.

Complex tools can be 3D printed and easily dissolved after curing, eliminating secondary processes like mold making and accelerating the development and production of composite structures.